Plugin Menu

You can double right click at any time for menus.

There are two menus, the plugin menu and the piano menu. More info about the piano menu can be found under the Piano Macro article.

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The plugin menu is a highly customizable collection of shortcuts for the browser. Its contents can be edited in the menuconfig.ini file. When you're done editing your config, hit the reload button to refresh the contents of the menu. This button can be found in the tray on Windows and in the menubar on MacOS.

The plugin menu can be used to add things like instruments, effects, racks and even samples.

  • You can hold control while clicking an item in the plugin menu to invert the autoadd option. This is useful when you want to insert an effect in the middle of an audio effects rack:
    • If you have autoadd set to 1 in settings.ini, holding control will prevent the plugin from being added automatically.
    • If you have autoadd set to 0 in settings.ini, holding control will temporarily allow the plugin to be added automatically.

If the Ableton menu appears alonside the LES menu, don't worry; this is a visual glitch in Live 10.3. You won't actually select two things at the same time when you click on something.

More info about configuring the menus can be found under the menu configuration article.

Last Updated: 6/2/2022, 3:51:47 PM