Other Features

These are some other features that didn't really fit anywhere else

Project Time

Live Enhancement Suite has a project timer now, though it might function a little differently then you expect.

First of all, the project timer only counts up if you're actually actively using Live on your computer (called Strict Time) This means that the timer will automatically pause itself when you go browse social media, or chat with a friend, making it super accurate.

The LES project timer looks at the project folder name at the top of the menu bar to figure out what you're currently working on. If you have two project folders with the same name, the time might overlap. As of LES 1.3, the timer's accuracy has been improved.

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Strict Time

In LES, the project timer will only advance when you Live is currently in window focus. There is a toggle in the tray/menubar that allows you to override this functionality. Disabling Strict Time allows the LES timer to continue even when Live is in the background. This setting is remembered across sessions in LES 1.3

Dynamic Reload

dynamicreload is an optional feature which can be accessed by enabling it in the settings.ini file. Enabling dynamic reloads causes LES to fetch menuconfig.ini contents before presenting you with the plugin menu, meaning that you'll never have to think about reloading manually! This sounds amazing on paper, but it's disabled by default because it can siginificantly reduce the responsiveness of the plugin menu if create huge menus on slow hardware. This feature is probably really useful while you're building the menu structure, so I would advise you to turn it on when you do.

Reset to bookmark

resettobrowserbookmark is an optional feature which can be accessed by configuring it in the settings.ini file. The bookmark feature allows you to set a point on your screen that LES will click after using the menu. This way you can teach LES to click a certain collection after using the menu, rather than being stuck on the search view. Alternatively it can be used to auto-hide the browser by setting it to click the browser hide button in the top left.

As of LES 1.3, reset to bookmark is supported on both windowed and full screen mode in MacOS as well as windows.

Last Updated: 2/1/2021, 10:36:29 AM