Keyboard Shortcuts

These are all the keyboard shortcuts currently included in LES:

Close Plugin Ctrl + w

Ctrl + w will close the currently selected plugin window

Close all Plugin Windows Ctrl + alt + w

Ctrl + alt + w or Ctrl + Escape closes all currently open plugin windows. This can be used to clean up window clutter instantly, especially when loading racks with many VSTs in them.

alt text

Disable Midi Clip Loop Cmd + Shift + M

Using the Cmd + Shift +M keyboard shortcut will create midi clips that instantly consolidate themselves, which will turn off the loop button for clips created using the command.

New Version Duplicate Ctrl + Alt + S (default)

Duplicates the project and saves it as a new version with an automatic versioning scheme similar to the one used in FL Studio ([project name]_[iteration]) LES will never overwrite anything without asking. Manual edits such as _2.5 and _2b (both will count up to 3 when using the shortcut) are also supported.

Absolute Duplicate / Paste

Absolute replace prevents the merging of whatever you're pasting with what's already there. This means you can copy and duplicate selections while keeping the "non-clip areas" empty.

  • Ctrl + alt + D to overwrite new duplication area completely
  • Ctrl + alt + V to overwrite new paste area completely

alt text


This feature is only available in arrangement view.

If Cmd + Alt + D makes the dock show up/hide on MacOS, disable the built in dock hiding shortcut under System Preferences/Keyboard Settings. Alternatively, it is possible to force map it to Ctrl rather than Command in the settings.ini configuration file.

Clear Track Contents Alt + X

Use Alt + X while hovering over a track to clear all of its contents. (It instantly selects the correct context menu item, and then deletes) This can be useful when you're duplicating a bunch of tracks and you don't want the duplicated tracks to have any contents in it. This feature is not intended to be used on groups, as it will select a random context menu item and show unintended behavior.

Set Clip Colour Alt + C

Use Alt + C while hovering over a track to set the clips to the track colour. (It instantly selects the correcrt right click menu) Might be useful if you want to recolour a bunch of tracks in different groups, or if you're working with stems. This feature is not intended to be used on groups, as it will select a random context menu item and show unintended behavior.

Create Arrangement Locator Right Shift + L or Right Alt + L

Right Shift + L will create a playlist locator instantly, which allows you to easily set locators while listening to the track. This command can be remapped to alt + L in settings.ini. This might be the default depending on if your settings.ini is from 1.2 or not.

Envelope Section Alt + E

Press Alt + E in the piano roll to select the envelope section Live Enhancement Suite automates clicking the button, so you never have to take your attention away from the piano roll.


  • This only works on Live 10.
  • This only works if the helper box is closed shift + ?

Show Automation on Ableton Live Knobs Piano Roll Macro + Shift + Right Click

Macro + Right Click will show automation on Ableton Knobs. (instantly selects first context menu)

Macro + Shift + Right Click will show the automation in a new lane (instantly selects second context menu) These shortcuts can be used quickly to show automation without accidentally disabling something during playback.

Quick Delete double 0

Double tap 0 to delete. This is cool if you don't have a delete key. Alternatively you could map the 0 key to your mouse using external software and mute/delete clips with the same button.

Better Redo Ctrl + Shift + Z

Ctrl + Shift + Z can be used to redo in addition to the default Ctrl + Y shortcut, which streamlines the redo shortcuts between the Mac and Windows versions of Live.

Middle Click Panning Middle Mouse Button windows only

LES maps left click + ctrl + alt to the middle mouse button, making panning around the playlist, browser, etc. effortless.

Last Updated: 5/19/2019, 3:14:37 PM