Insertwhere is a Max for Live companion plugin for the Live Enhancement Suite.

Thank you so much Mat Zo for contributing this to the project.


As of the windows version of 1.3.2, Insertwhere can be installed by clicking the "Install InsertWhere" button in the tray. If your tray looks different this means you're not on version 1.3.2 or higher.

alt text

I suggest installing this somewhere in the user library, so it can be easily added into your Live projects.

If you're a Mac user, please click this link to download InsertWhere manually.

In order to use this plugin, add it to a folder that Ableton can see (like the user library). After this, you can just search for "InsertWhere.amxd" to add it to your projects like normal.

How to use

alt text

InsertWhere allows you to change the position where plugins are autoinserted after using the LES plugin menu. To activate the plugin, simply add it to your master track. For extra ease of use I recomend adding it to the master track in your default template. Once loaded, it will allow you to switch between three settings:

  • End: Always autoadd plugins at the end of the chain like normal
  • Left: Autoadd plugins before the plugin you have currently selected in the chain
  • Right: Autoadd plugins after the the plugin you currently have selected in the chain

This toggle button can be mapped so that it can be switched around anywhere in the project.

The only problem is that you won't know how the UI was switched without looking at it.

To remedy this problem, InsertWhere includes a sound oscillator that will play a small sine wave boop which signals the user which setting it was switched to.

This oscillator can be toggled with the "Sound" button in the top left corner of the device.

Last Updated: 2/1/2021, 10:36:29 AM